Send an offer to a custom work requests

On the interested webmasters may requests some custom modifications of their websites.

Therefore, if a developer has the ability to complete such work it will able to negociate, contact, be paid directly on

Here it is how.

First of all, navigate to the Custom Works page:

Choose a custom work request and press the button SEND CUSTOM OFFER

Fill in the required details

Once you press the button, the client will be notified by email.

In the same time, you may contact him by email in order to give the client more information.

On the next page, you are able to directly discuss with the client

In the same time, you will be able to see all the details of the custom work and in the same time you can withdraw from it as well.

Once the client accept the offer, OsclassMarket will ask the client to pay the amount. Once the work is delivered and the eventually the files are sent to the client (of course we offer in your account such option) and the client accept the work as done, the money are transferred to the developer.

Anytime, the developer or the requester can ask for help from our team.

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