How to sell a job/service or product

  1. Login and select the top menu (under your name)

2. Select JOBS -> POST NEW JOB

3. Once the page is opened begin to fill in the required info

4. Press the button as shown

5. Fill in the textfield as described. This is an invitation for the buyer to download the file

6. Press the button called SELECT FILE and upload the product file (compressed as zip)

7. On the next page, select the image placeholder to upload product images. Try to make it very appealing.

8. Optional: you may add a video as well in order to present the product to the buyers

9. On the next page, you may select additional services you are able to provide to your clients: for instance, you may offer them an install service.
Therefore, describe the service provided, the price and the maximum days to deliver it.

10. Press the PUBLISH button and you are ready!

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