How to add a job packages

Usually, you may offer the buyer your service with different options. Therefore, eMarketoo offers the possibility to have the features grouped as packages.
As in this image>

So, the steps are easy. Once you login, access from the Menu JOBS -> POST NEW (
After that, you will see the main job page that will allow you to add all the details.

From the JOB PRICE select PACKAGE.

So, you will see on the same page a new section that will automatically appear:

This will automatically create 3 packages for you with job delivery times, revisions, prices totally different.
In the same time, if you want to add a custom field, is very simple. Select the textbox as shown in the image and fill in the details. If you want to add a new one, press ADD NEW CUSTOM FIELD  and you are ready to go.

So, on the job page, you will have under the description

Also, on the right part of the page>

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