Deposit funds

Emarketoo allow to pay for the services in two ways:

  1. Directly via Paypal. In such case there will be a administration fee of 5% of the total amount. Please select this link and proceed.
  2. Via eMarketoo deposit: in this case you can add the money to your account and pay with no fee for any service.

This article will describe how to deposit funds in via credit card. (non Paypal)

eMarketoo supports instant Paypal/credit card purchases of all the services we offer. This is the simplest and fastest way to get freelance service.

This deposit method is available to owners of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay and which don’t have an Paypal account.

Just select the amount you want to add to your account:
(please use for ordering the same email used on eMarketoo)

Funds will be credited to your balance in the next hour after the funds are received by eMarketoo. You can use your balance for any purchases on eMarketoo.

Once you have deposited your funds, please contact us and enter your deposit details so we can identify your payment and finish the deposit faster. If you use for ordering the same email you used on eMarketoo the funding of your deposit will be faster.

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